About the Author

Alena Indigo Anne Sullivan, 31, holds a BA in Anthropology and an MFA from the Stonecoast MFA Program for Creative Writing with cross-genre concentrations in poetry and popular fiction. Alena is an author, poet, and visual artist who focuses on identity within narrative.

Alena lives with her wonderful husband, Bruce, and their three cats (Sausage, Crumpet, and Goblinface) in a small box in the sky in Denver, Colorado. Her pronouns are she/her, her favorite color is iridescent, and she does not have the sleep patterns of an adult human being.

As a fat, disabled, queer, polyamorous witch, Alena is inspired to write stories and poems that provide agency to previously marginalized characters, always craving more media in which more people like her appear. She combines a degree in Anthropology with an MFA in Creative Writing to create works that speak to the importance of narrative in culture and personal identity. Her graduate research focused on selkie stories throughout the ages, their literary elements, and the cultural underpinnings that informed them.

In addition to her more official academics, Alena’s perspective is informed by a diverse neoPagan upbringing living on Pagan festival grounds, years of homeschooling with an eclectic group of tutors, and the privilege of growing up traveling the world (and a lot of science fiction conventions) with her father’s Celtic-American Folk Rock band, Emerald Rose.

Alena has had the privilege of studying under the mentorship of some of her favorite authors, including Tamora Pierce (Song of the Lioness, The Circle of Magic, and many other YA series), Kathryn Hinds (The Healer’s Choice; Candle, Thread, and Flute; and over 50 nonfiction books for children) Theodora Goss (author of The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter, Songs for Ophelia, The Thorn and Blossom, and In the Forest of Forgetting), James Patrick Kelly (author of Strange But Not a Stranger and over 100 other published stories and a columnist for Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine), and Jeanne Marie Beaumont (poet and author of Letters from Limbo and several other collections.)

Alena’s prose and poetry have appeared in Strange Horizons, Rich Horton’s Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, Goblin Fruit, Crow & Cross Keys, SageWoman, Illumen, Urban Fantasy, Expanded Horizons, Luna Station Quarterly, and elsewhere. She is a member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, and her work has been included in their newsletter publication, Star*Line.

Alena also runs Sealskin Studios, where she offers custom embroidered spells and pagan prayer images, sigil-work, and various other magical objects as she creates them.

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