Fiber Art

My Fiber Art

After a series of small strokes in 2017, I was left suddenly unable to do the fine linework drawing, delicate watercolor painting, and miniature detailing work I’d spent years developing my skills at. To cope, I turned to a new medium: thread. My aphasia left me unable to follow tutorials, so most of my fiber arts “skills” are either remembered from childhood or self-taught via trial and error. To read my article on finding my way into self-expression through fiber arts after my disability, check out SageWoman Magazine’s The Wonder of Earth.


Handspun silk, bamboo, and wool yarns; made using a Slavic-style support spindle.

Needle Felting

Wool shaped using notched needles; I do sometimes incorporate wet felting techniques as well when needed.

Hoop Weaving

A practice born of me having no loom and a lot of handspun yarn, these hoop weavings are created by wrapping a metal hoop in yarn, stringing a warp frame across it, and then weaving through it. I sometimes include natural elements, such as sticks, bones, stones, and feathers.


While I only know a couple of stitches and patterns so far, crochet is one of my favorite ways to play with thread! I love being able to turn yarn into immediately wearable things. (Sometimes my darling familiar Crumpet helps me by modeling tiny hats I make for babies.)

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