Upcoming Publication in SageWoman

I am incredibly excited to announce that my first ever creative nonfiction piece will be coming out in the Fall 2022 issue of SageWoman! This has been one of my favorite magazines since I was a little girl, and it’s a dream come true for my writing to be included in it.

You can preorder it at a discount here!

The piece is a personal essay, “Hel, Handwork, and the Orb Weaver,” focused on facing myself and the changes in my own brain since my strokes a few years ago, and the reorientations that has necessitated in both my artwork and my life. This is my first published narrative since my brain damage, and the first time I’m talking about it in full view of strangers. It feels like a really big step for me, and I’m proud of it.

If you enjoy paganism, feminism, magic, and associated creativity around those things, I absolutely recommend the magazine! There are also some other wonderful CNF and poetry pieces in this issue (including a fascinating article from Diana Paxson on the goddesses of Ukraine that I definitely didn’t illicitly read in my proofing copy, nope,) so if you’re able to support me by preordering a copy and/or sharing this with others, please do! 💖