Spinning wheels and productivity

Making myself do productive things is hard.

Filling everything out for Stonecoast is hard AND confusing. THERE ARE TOO MANY PDFs and TOO MANY PAGES and HALF OF IT IS REDUNDANT and the rest doesn’t answer my questions.

But today I did all my edits (that they’ve requested so far, anyway) for my upcoming Sleeping Beauty story in Strange Horizons, “Gorse Daughter, Sparrow Son.”

Also I am feeling really good about the fact that I used the money they paid me for this story (which is about spinning and spinning wheels) to buy a new spinning wheel. There’s some seriously cool symmetry to that.

In other news, allergies are terrible, and I cannot imagine why anyone who has experienced springtime in Georgia would choose to move here. I don’t care if you have actual allergies or not– the sheer volume of pollen makes an actual sticky layer on the tongue. And on cars. It’s revolting. Also it makes it really hard to breathe.


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